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Itinerant Art Museum for the Memory


The Itinerant Art Museum for the Memory is a citizen-supported, independent initiative that wants to create an inclusive and democratic nation. They work with arts and culture within an intercultural and interdisciplinary vision. Thus, the group collects works of art that addresses the issues of memory, political violence, the causes of Peruvian political conflict and works that are clearly committed to respect human rights in the broadest sense: collective rights, environmental rights, and the fight against forgetting and impunity. The Itinerant Art Museum for the Memory becomes a travelling memory space, which can be shown in different locations as public streets, school classrooms, the arches of a square or in any community space.



The Muralist Brigade is a space opened to everybody interest in putting color to the city walls and to the world, in joyful rebellion. It is coordinated by Mauricio Delgado, Milton Miranda, Elio Martuccelli, Alonso Rivera, Jorge Miyagui and Andrés Juscamaita.



El Averno Cultural Centre remained open for 14 years on Quilca St. through the efforts of Leyla Valencia and Jorge Acosta supported by a group of artists and culture workers, always willing to open new spaces to art and freedom. El Averno is not dead!  Expect news...