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By hand and without asking permission

Sala Winternitz. FAD-PUCP 2018

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By hand and without permission

"True, I did not put aside  any labyrinth that would threaten with a dead end

Facing another 'more of the same'

I believed in what was different because living was searching and not a den"

Silvio Rodríguez


“By hand and without permission” chronologically runs my artistic production from my last year as a student at the Faculty of Art PUCP (2000) to my most recent individual exhibition entitled “Tinkuy Cosmico” at IPCNA Gallery in Miraflores, Lima (2018). The absence of certain works that I would have liked to exhibit is due to the fact that many of them are in private collections; however, the public can read the professional production report for a deeper knowledge of my (creative?) processes. I also present a selection of publications about my work in national and international media.


My first solo exhibition at El Averno Cultural Center (2002) was entitled "Art = Life, Life = Politics, Politics = Ethics. Mr. Miyagui counterattacks from the Averno”. I gave it that title sensing that art would always interest me more as a vital bet than as an aesthetic exercise. Today, 18 years after graduation, I continue associating art and life with betting, that is, with taking risks and searching. We continue this way; Silvio sang that "dreams are made by hand and without asking for permission".


Jorge Miyagui

September 2018